happy valentines day!
words can't describe how in love with you i am. there is no way to actually just describe how bad i want to kiss you. i love you so much, i love all of your features. i love how similar we are and i love your eyes. i could stare into them for hours on end. there's nothing i wouldn't do for you, i want the best for you. seeing you happy makes me happy, so i want to try and make you smile whenever i can. i want you to feel loved, and loved in a way you've never been loved. i love everything about you. you are my entire world, my starlight. you mean so much to me, i couldn't have asked for a better person to love. there is not a single thing that i hate about you. i love your laugh, your smile, your hair, your voice, i love everything and i mean everything about you. and i love that you're mine. you're so handsome and cute, just attractive in general. i'm so lucky to have you of all people. i love it when you talk to me, you make me feel so special and loved. it's like you put a spell on me or you're some sort of disease that i just can't get rid of. i wish i could kiss your face and tell you everything will be okay. i just want to hold you in my arms and love you as hard as i can. you deserve every ounce of love you get. i love you so, so much, darling.